A Lost Year for Tech?

I’m about a week late to the party for criticizing Christopher Mims’ deeply cynical article for Quartz, “2013 was a lost year for tech“. So instead of pointing out all of the technological progress he chose to omit, I think that you should read what John Gruber had to say about the article and what Josh Topolsky recently wrote about all of the great things going on in tech right now. Here are some choice bits…


He’s got it all backwards. The nature of progress is to move incrementally. The great leaps are exceedingly few and far between. One needs to pay attention, to learn to appreciate fine details, in order to appreciate progress as it churns.


I think that’s why our newest and most exciting innovations have started to look a lot more like world-altering initiatives, major political policies, and massive infrastructure upheavals. Suddenly we seem awash in scary, sexy billionaires who want to share their Tony Stark fantasies with the world.

And what do those fantasies look like?

privatized (and actualized) Space Race. Virtual reality that actually works. An all-electric luxury car that is upending the auto industry. A drone-delivery system that could revolutionize how we mail things. HyperloopsThermostats and smoke detectors that learn how you live. Tech startups as TV studios. Computers you wear like glasses. A pure, digital cryptocurrency. Cars that drive themselves. Hamburgers grown in a lab. Printers that seem more like matter generators. Personal DNA data on demand.

Technology is not a novelty — it is the only way forward.


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Justin Fleming

My name is Justin and I am an IT analyst living in North Carolina. I enjoy using and talking about technology in all of its forms.

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