Microsoft’s Next CEO Reportedly Will Be Its Cloud Boss Satya Nadella, Gates Could Be Replaced On Board

This is big news. Microsoft has been making some massive changes over the last several months without a successor to Steve Ballmer in place (like its re-org, purchasing Nokia, etc.), which is more than a little disconcerting, so the sooner they have a CEO nailed down, the better. And Nadella has been heading up one of the most successful units at Microsoft, so perhaps he’s a good candidate for the job. He’s certainly going to have his work cut out for him.


After a search that stretched for months, reports are out today that Microsoft will select internal candidate Satya Nadella as its next CEO. Nadella is known for his work with cloud computing at Microsoft and deep technical knowledge.

The company kicked off its hunt for a new head last year when long-time CEO Steve Ballmer announced that he would step down within a year. Nadella has long been a candidate for the role. If Microsoft does select him to replace Ballmer, it won’t be surprising.

During the CEO dance, candidates from companies as far-flung as Ford were discussed. Internal candidates rose and fell, including the company’s soon to return former executive Stephen Elop.

According to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang, the company’s founder and long-time chairman of its board could be replaced. The replacing of Gates would be more than symbolic. His stature on the board has caused some to fret that…

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