WatchKit Unleashed

Yesterday, Apple made WatchKit available to developers, allowing the creation of iPhone apps that send actionable notifications, “Glances”, and apps to the Apple Watch.


Apple has gone all out with the release of WatchKit, offering iOS 8.2 beta, Xcode 6.2 beta, the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), a 28 minute video, ample documentation, and much more.

As usual, Frederico Viticci has done a great job of collecting information and reactions from around the web concerning the release of WatchKit, which you can see here.

Interesting nuggets of information include the size of the screens, 272×340 and 312×390, the naming and release of Apple’s own custom font for Apple Watch, dubbed San Francisco, and the promise that the ability to develop fully-native Apple Watch apps is coming “later next year”. I can wait to see what developers create between now and the Apple Watch launch next year!


New in iOS 8.1.1: More space for activities

A pleasant surprise in iOS 8.1.1, reported by Rene Ritchie at iMore:

iOS 8.1.1 not only provides bug fixes and performance improvements, especially for iPhone 4s and iPad 2, but it also comes with a nice surprise for all iPad owners — it returns about half a gigabyte of storage space.

After hearing about it from several readers last night, I tested it on a couple iPads in my possession, and in both cases post-update storage availability grew considerably. My iPad mini 3 it went from 7.5 GB remaining to 7.9 GB remaining. My iPad Air 2 went from 40.9 GB to 42.8 GB.

This is most especially welcome on all of those 16 GB iOS devices out there, including all of those newly shipping entry-level iPhones and iPads (which is a shame in and of itself, as noted by John Gruber and others). Once you start taking photos and videos and start installing apps, that is precious little space, so half a gigabyte can go a long way.